Any time someone asks me about nudity, I’m like, “Who cares?” There is so much more important things about the show than the fact that I show my boobs.


shameless meme: favourite female character

I’m not a tool so you don’t get to treat me like one.

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Let’s say you’ve swallowed a bad thing and now it’s got its hands inside you. […] Let’s say you’re still completely in the dark but we love you anyway. We love you. We really do.

get to know me meme — [1/5] favorite relationships: ian and mickey

Ian, what you and I have makes me free. Not what these assholes know.

Nobody’s saying our neighborhood is the Garden of Eden.
Hell, some people say God avoids this place altogether.




16th Annual Young Hollywood Awards on July 27, 2014 in Los Angeles

get to know me meme — [1/5] favorite male characters: mickey milkovich

Not everybody gets to just Not everybody just gets to blurt out how they fuckin’ feel every minute.

I remember thinking “If I can get through this, I’m going to have a big piece of cake.” I do everything for cake.